1.  Rebuilding Baltimore's Economy: Crime, failing schools, violence, hopelessness. Try as we might to fight each of these ills, Baltimore's fundamental problem is that the City lacks an economy that works for all its citizens. Kelly will radically shift the way the City pursues economic development. By reopening the City to investment and capital around the world; by turning the City into an engine for wealth and prosperity; and by ensuring that the citizens and businesses that have stood by Baltimore through thick and thin are the first and primary beneficiaries of a working economy. 


2.  Reconnecting neighborhoods: the 12th District has some of America's most dynamic and beautiful neighborhoods. But these neighborhoods struggle because we have separated them from each other. Kelly will work to restore the connections within Baltimore. He will ensure that we create a city whose whole is many times greater than the sum of its parts. 


3. Creating world-class transit: Getting around in a 21st century city should not require a car payment. And it shouldn't mean relying on a bus that might or might not show up. Kelly will work to restore to Baltimore that most basic of urban amenities: mobility. From modern streetcars on our busiest corridors to upgraded bus systems on secondary routes, Kelly will work to make a car-dependent Baltimore a thing of the past. 


4.  Youth: Our young people are our future. We need more than simple rec centers and after-school programs. We need to engage them every waking hour--both directly and indirectly. Kelly will work with groups both within and outside of Baltimore to create wrap-around programs for young people. From trash pickup, to building skills repairing homes, our young people can be the key to rebuilding our great City. 

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